29 December 2009

First design created by my Christmas Present

After receiving my Christmas present today - a new SLR digital camera, I took a few photos in the garden as a tester and got some great photos of flowers. This is the first design created from one of the photos taken - with a little digital manipulation.

19 December 2009

New Calendar

Today, I created the Artistic Flower Calendar for 2010. Each month features an artistic representation of one of the following flowers - rose, gerbera, fuschia, baby's breath, bird of paradise, begonia, pansy, carnation, chrysanthemum, freesia, iris and hydrangea. Visit Gifts Bonanza - it is the perfect calendar for anyone who loves flowers.

New Designs

Today has been a productive day of uploading new designs to the store - with the overwhelming theme being all things floral.
It may be a little late to be creating Christmas designs, but once I uploaded the picture, it made me think of Christmas - mainly due to the colours as fuschia really isn't a flower that you do associate with Christmas. To see the full range of designs (and not all to do with Christmas), visit Gifts Bonanza 

Red Fuschia Avery Binder binderRed Fuschia Christmas Postcard postcardRed Fuschia Christmas Card card

This time next week...

This time next week it will all be over for another year! It's quite scary as I have yet to even start my Christmas shopping! Thank goodness for extending shopping hours over the next week.
I had my work's Christmas shindig yesterday, so feeling a little worse for wear today, so taking it a little easy. I have been neglecting my store of late and not adding many new designs or products, so have been trying to do some this morning, but is taking me longer than usual to get motivated. 
Need another coffee!

13 December 2009

Cute Cherry Christmas Mug

Another cute Christmas design from Gifts Bonanza - the perfect coffee mug for Christmas morning!


New Christmas Design at Gifts Bonanza

Here is the latest Christmas design from Gifts Bonanza - the Snowflake range, including a greeting card, postcard and matching US postage stamp. Visit Gifts Bonanza for the full range of Christmas designs.

Snowflakes Christmas Card cardSnowflakes Christmas Postcard postcardSnowflake Christmas US Postage Stamp stamp

08 December 2009

17 Days to Go!

If you are anything like me, you would have left your Christmas shopping to the last minute. Why not visit zazzle to see what amazing gifts are on offer? To see a range of what is available, visit Gifts Bonanza

Christmas at Gifts Bonanza

make custom gifts at Zazzle

Welcome to the Gifts Bonanza Blog

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