28 March 2010

This week's featured favourite design

My name is Amy Marie and I love working with POD's like zazzle because they allow me to make money while being creative. Even as a kid I doodled on everything, and that didn't stop as an adult. Now I finally have a place to doodle and actually get paid for it! In addition to drawing, I also write poetry & love to take photographs. I have traveled around the US as well as Europe & South Africa and have over 5000 photographs in my computer which I hope to someday get online for sale.

I also love to help people, and have spent a lot of time collecting resources to help other artists get started on Zazzle. I think it is important to give back to others, because the more I help others succeed the more I succeed. I think it is important on and offline to help others because karma will always return to you!

Check out the range of designs at her Zazzle store, Shopaholic Chick - you won't be disappointed!

This week's featured favourite design comes from one of her other Zazzle Stores, KiKi Kitty.

KiKi Kitty kedsshoe
KiKi Kitty by KiKiKitty

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