26 June 2011

Soccer Girl by GiftsBonanza

Soccer Girl

For the girl who loves playing or watching soccer, a t-shirt featuring a soccer ball with "Soccer Girl" written over the top in shades of pink. This design is available on a range of coordinating gifts for the soccer fan.

24 June 2011

Kawaii Cartoon Cat by GiftsBonanza

Kawaii Kitty Design for the Cat Lover

A kawaii cartoon of a cat for the feline lover. Cute and adorable and completely customizable to create the best personalized gift.

23 June 2011

Gold Cancer Crab by GiftsBonanza

Gold zodiac cancer crab

A zodiac design for Cancer featuring a gold crab on a black background. The original graphic is courtesy of Graphics Factory, however the graphic has been digitally manipulated to created this golden style.

22 June 2011

Argentina Rugby T-Shirt by GiftsBonanza

Rugby ball shape in sky blue and white with an Argentina sun and the words Argentina in Sky blue and black. A great gift for any Argentine rugby fan or supporter.

21 June 2011

Pink Roses Love Heart Labels by GiftsBonanza

Three pink roses on a love heart on a floral and hearts blush pink background . Great for return rsvp labels , see our store section for matching wedding sets. Customizable save the date announcements and invitations.

20 June 2011

Family Tree Autumn Tree Photo Frame Print by GiftsBonanza

Autumn Tree Photo Frame Family Reunion

A print featuring a pretty autumn tree photo frame - perfect for showing your favourite family photo. Perfect for family reunions with the Family Name written at the top.

19 June 2011

Gold Cancer Glyph by GiftsBonanza

Astrology glyph for the cancer sign

A golden symbol for the zodiac sign of cancer. A perfect gift for the special cancerian in your life. People born between 22 June and 22 July are born under the Cancer zodiac sign.

If you are looking for a gift for a Cancerian, visit Perfect Gifts for Cancer to see a collection of gifts featuring the cancer grab, glyph, as well as gifts for the professional cancer, the cancer baby and much, much more.

18 June 2011

Retro Gramophone by GiftsBonanza at Zazzle

Musical gramophone design 

Retro look gramophone with a stream of musical notes coming out of the tube. Done in a brushed aluminium style effect. A great gift for any music lover or lover of all things retro.

17 June 2011

16 June 2011

Black and Gold Floral 21st Birthday by GiftsBonanza at Zazzle

21st Birthday Celebration in Black and Gold

Elegant black and gold floral frame 21st Birthday design featuring gold leaves and flowers on a black background. All text is fully customizable to reflect your own style and celebration.

15 June 2011

Australia Red Black and Yellow by GiftsBonanza at Zazzle

Alternative Australian Colours 

Design feature the Word Australia in red black and yellow with the yellow sun in the middle. Also featuring the star constillation the Southern cross and the six sided star representing the states of Australia. The significance of the red yellow and black in Aboriginal culture is the black represents the colour of the aboriginal race , the yellow is the sun the giver of life and the red representing the Red ochre earth which adornes the Australian landscape.

14 June 2011

Royal Blue Floral Save the Date by GiftsBonanza at Zazzle

Royal Blue Floral Design Save the Date
Let everyone know to save the date for your very special occasion with this beautiful floral design in royal blue tones. Visit the store for coordinating sets, including cards, postcards, magnets and postage stamps. Easy to customize for your own special occasion.

13 June 2011

Grumpy Jock by GiftsBonanza at Zazzle

Pop Art Cat with Attitude 

Digitally manipulated photograph of Jock the cat with a grumpy attitude in a pop art design. Jock always has a grumpy attitude and the photo says it all! Perfect for the person who loves cats.

12 June 2011

Orange, Gold and Black Floral Wedding Tie by GiftsBonanza at Zazzle

Unique Designer Mens Neckwear 

Orange , Gold & Black Floral wedding tie with orange sponge effect background . A conservative but modern take on the classic mens tie. Create a fashionable look at the office party or special occasion

11 June 2011

Patriotic Stars and Stripes by GiftsBonanza at Zazzle

Stationery with a patriotic feel, featuring an unusual stars and stripes design - perfect for showing your family and friends how patriotic you are. God Bless America!

10 June 2011

Silver Hibiscus by GiftsBonanza at Zazzle

A unique necklace featuring silver hibiscus flowers on a silver textured background. This design looks stunning in and perfect for the person who loves tropical flowers.

09 June 2011

Magic Wand of Color by GiftsBonanza at Zazzle

Bright Magic Wand of Color 

Magical wand bursting with bright colors. Perfect for any occasions - birthdays and congratulations. This colorful design will brighten up your day.

08 June 2011

Brit Pop Union Jack by GiftsBonanza at Zazzle

For lovers of Brit Pop Music
Design featuring the word pop with the union jack inside the letters. For lovers of Brit Pop music everywhere - taking you back to English music of the '80s and '90s. Visit the store to see the collection of gifts featuring this design.

06 June 2011

Golf Dad by GiftsBonanza at Zazzle

Golfing Father's Day Gifts 

Design for Dads on father's day featuring golf balls making up the word dad with a hand drawn golfer hitting the final golf ball in the display lettering. Great gift for golfing fathers or dads who love to play golf

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