18 November 2012

New iPad Mini Cases from Zazzle

The print on demand company, Zazzle, is keeping us on our toes with the newest launch of custom printed products. This week is the launch of the much anticipated cases for the iPad mini. at GiftsBonanza we have started to create the cases with our designs, with hundreds more to go.

Today, we are featuring one of our basketball designs ~ a personalised basketball jersey with the name and number of the person which is fully customizable. The design shows the jersey hanging on the locker room wall with a basketball, water bottle and basketball shoes on the bench underneath. This design shows the jersey in the colors of light blue and orange - it is available in our store on a range of other colors and we are always happy to create the design in the color that you need. Please contact us via our GiftsBonanza store at Zazzle (click on the GiftsBonanza link under the picture)and we would be more than happy to assist.

05 November 2012

New Laptop Bags from Zazzle

Over the weekend, Zazzle made the latest addition to its print on demand range of products with these great laptop commuter bags made by Rickshaw Bagworks. There are thousands of designs already available and below we are featuring one of our favorite musical designs. This bag has an unusual musical design featuring swirling piano keys with gold musical notes flowing from the centre of the keys. Whether you are a pianist or love listening to the piano, then this would be the perfect commuter laptop bag for you.

27 October 2012

Retro Visual Effect Squares on Red iPhone 5 Case

An eye-catching retro geometric design featuring squares and rectangles in shades of red with an unusual visual effect. The design has been created to keep a strip of red at the top and bottom of the case with the retro design featured in the middle. This design is also available with the shapes filling the whole case. If you would like this design in a different color combination, please contact us at our GiftsBonanza store.

The design is featured below on an iPhone 5 case and is available in the GiftsBonanza store on cases for all versions of the iPhone, as well a range of Android phones.

08 September 2012

Year of the Snake Kanji

2013 is the Year of the Snake in the Chinese zodiac. This necklace has a unique design for the person born under the Year of the Snake, featuring the Chinese symbol (or Japanese kanji) for snake in a silver colored metallic effect with an interesting circle with the same effect.

25 August 2012

Rainbow Lorikeets with a Splash of Colour

An eye-catching photograph of two rainbow lorikeets enjoying the afternoon sun on a summer's day in a tree in Western Australia. The photograph has been digitally manipulated for selective colorization in which the image is in black and white except for the two birds - this effect accentuates their bright and colorful plumage.

19 August 2012

Golden Artistic Horse Necklace

This unusual necklace features an artistic style horse in golden colored print, rearing up on its hind legs. The artistic style horse is on a gold background. The background color can be customized by clicking on the customize button or contact us through the GiftsBonanza store with your request and we would be happy to assist.

This necklace would be the perfect gift for the horse lover or equestrian. This design is available on a range of products in the GiftsBonanza store at Zazzle.

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