25 August 2012

Rainbow Lorikeets with a Splash of Colour

An eye-catching photograph of two rainbow lorikeets enjoying the afternoon sun on a summer's day in a tree in Western Australia. The photograph has been digitally manipulated for selective colorization in which the image is in black and white except for the two birds - this effect accentuates their bright and colorful plumage.

19 August 2012

Golden Artistic Horse Necklace

This unusual necklace features an artistic style horse in golden colored print, rearing up on its hind legs. The artistic style horse is on a gold background. The background color can be customized by clicking on the customize button or contact us through the GiftsBonanza store with your request and we would be happy to assist.

This necklace would be the perfect gift for the horse lover or equestrian. This design is available on a range of products in the GiftsBonanza store at Zazzle.

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